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Chapel Usage Policies

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All events and clean-up must conclude by 11:00 pm on any night. The User is responsible for clean- up of the premises, as well as the removal following the event of all equipment, decorations, and furnishings brought to the Chapel unless otherwise arranged with Campus Reservations in advance. An extra fee may be assessed if the scheduled time limit is exceeded.

The User will be held liable for any loss, theft, or damage to the Chapel’s grounds, furnishings, or equipment that occurs as a result of the use. In case of such loss, theft, or damage to the Chapel’s furnishings or equipment, the cost of replacement of any item will be charged to the User.

A staff member of the Office of Performing Arts must be present while the building is occupied to unlock the building and then secure it at the conclusion of the event. Direct all questions about lights, sound, and equipment to the Office of Performing Arts representative on duty at the Chapel. This representative will be responsible for making sure all A/V equipment is properly turned on and connected for use by the User. The User will be responsible for operating the equipment. If any problems arise with the projection equipment for events occurring before 5:00 pm, the representative will attempt to contact the appropriate office for assistance. No outside projector support will be available after 5:00 pm.

The following conditions are strictly enforced at the Chapel:
- No alcoholic beverages
- No smoking
- No pets
- No helium balloons
- No decorations on the walls inside or outside
- No rice, bird seed, confetti, or bubbles inside or outside
- No candles are allowed inside the Chapel. If use of candles occurs the event may be shut down.
- No nails, screws, staples, tacks, tape, glue, putty, paint or any other adhesives or fasteners on inside or outside walls, doors, windows, ceilings, floors, furnishings, or fixtures
- No food or beverages inside or outside. Except for special events which require executive approval and Physical Plant coordination, receptions on the campus grounds surrounding the Chapel preceding or following events are prohibited.

Requests for reservation time changes must be submitted at least 12 business days before the event takes place. Any requests less than two weeks before the event date may not be granted due to staffing concerns.

Note: If you find that you have an emergency on the day of your event, please contact UGA Police at 706-542-2200. If the Chapel is not unlocked at least 10 minutes after your reservation is to have begun, call the Chapel on-call phone: 706-201-8431.

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